Success Story:

Shell Oil and Shell Chemical Companies contracted with a manufacturer to supply 100% of their needs. The manufacturer contracted with Cole Chemical to supply up to 10% of Shell’s needs to assist Shell in meeting their M/WBE goals and to provide a second source of supply if necessary during force majeure conditions.

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During Katrina, Rita, and Ike Cole Chemical supplied customers with hard to get material because contracted suppliers could not ship due to lack of inventory or shut downs.

There was a global EO shortage due to plant explosions in the US and UK. A corn sweetener manufacturer could not source EO worldwide, thus, Cole Chemical was asked to supply a chemical derivative to exchange for EO so the corn sweetener manufacturer could continue operating to supply a global soft drink company.

“Cole Chemical
my career.

They made me look like
the guy who could find anything in short supply.”
Global Strategic Purchasing Manager,
Large Chemical Company

Chemical Risk
Chemical Risk Management

Service Description:
Cole Chemical acts as backup to your main suppliers especially during force majeure conditions.
  To customer:
  • Reduced risk of supply interruption
  • Ability to continue plant operations
  • Avoid loss of revenue
  • Ability to sell product avoiding end user penalties
  To supplier:
  • Customers not required to source from a new supplier
  • Planned risk management
  • Exceeding customer expectations in support of M/WBE programs


Cole Chemical helped us
avoid huge losses.
– VP of Purchasing

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