Success Story:

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Toyota needed a crucial, but low volume adhesive sealant in 5-gallon pails. But the supplier only sold the chemical in drums. Cole bought the product in drums, repackaged it to spec, stored the pails in our warehouse, and delivered them to Toyota in the quantities they needed when needed. Cole Chemical supplied lot quality details including expected shelf life with the pails to Toyota to avoid manufacturing problems.

We did all this for a fee that was far less than what it would have cost the supplier or Toyota to perform the service. Toyota minimized its inventory and the supplier streamlined its packaging.

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For Total Petrochemicals, a plastics resin manufacturer, we ground truckloads of an inhibitor into ultra fine particles to ensure smooth injection and uninterrupted production. We then packaged the material in special drums that prevent caking, and shipped them as needed to their plant which runs smoothly thanks to tight quality control.

Custom Blending & Packaging Custom Blending & Packaging

Service Description:

Cole Chemical can provide special grinds, packaging, and blending of chemicals that improve processes to address safety, quality and consistency in your plant. We ship chemicals to your site in an optimal, ready-to-use form.

Cole also provides this service to chemical suppliers. We will grind, repackage and/or blend them to meet your customers’ unique needs.

  For customers:
  • Improves plant efficiency
  • Reduces inventory
  • Reduces need for warehouse space
  • Reduces labor costs and processing steps
  • Reduces chemical handling
  • Improves safety
  For suppliers:
  • Improves plant efficiency
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Reduces transportation and
    packaging costs
  • Expands potential customer base
  • Improves customer satisfaction
    and retention
  • Reduces SKUs


Now we get what we need,  
when we need it, the way we need it.”

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