Donna Fujimoto Cole
Donna Fujimoto Cole


Cole Chemical & Distributing, Inc. was started in 1980 by Donna Fujimoto Cole who has an extensive background in the chemical trading industry.

Donna began working in the industry at the age of 23 at Del Ray Chemical. Due to her hard work, honesty, and desire to meet customers’ quality requirements, she soon became a VP and 26 percent owner of Del Ray as well as a 3 percent owner of its parent company, Gold King Chemicals.

At the insistence of purchasing personnel at Shell, DuPont, Monsanto and Exxon, Donna started her own business. She made a serious commitment to growth by putting assets in the ground. She also committed to hiring minorities and women, and giving back to the community.

Thirty years later, Donna still has those initial clients and many more thanks to a commitment to competitive prices and round-the-clock personal service. Today, we have multiple clients in all 50 states with a growing international business.

Cole Chemical & Distributing, Inc. provides chemical management services and is an independent petrochemical distributor serving the nation. Our headquarter offices and main warehousing facilities are in Houston. We also lease warehouses across the country and have exchange agreements with suppliers that allow us to ship directly from their plants, terminals, and warehouses nationwide. Annual sales average $70 million over the last ten years.

Initial clients:
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“We treat even tiny orders as though they were huge.
Every piece of business means a lot to us.”

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