Success Story:
For a Procter & Gamble northeast manufacturing plant, Cole Chemical plays the role of Supply Chain Captain. We also provide vendor managed inventory and warehousing. One of our first actions for this client was to locate additional warehousing space for a growing operation. Cole Chemical located a qualified warehouse facility within minutes of the plant site. Procter & Gamble could expand their manufacturing operations into a global plant using their original warehouse space.

“Cole staff has gone above
and beyond.

-- P&G plant manager

The relationship has benefited both Cole and P&G. P&G can still negotiate directly with suppliers to obtain the lowest product cost. While Cole manages all orders, logistics, inventory, quality control, billing, and payment.

P&G reports increased profits from the operation and reduced product quality problems from packaging and documentation issues.

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For 30 years, Invista has had Cole Chemical warehouse full truckload shipments of a neutralizer, a product only used for emergencies in case of spills. Cole Chemical then ships in smaller lots as needed. The customer saves money, who doesn’t have the warehouse space to store truckloads while assuring them access to product when needed.


Service Description:
Cole Chemical can help you locate and lease warehouses. We use ISO processes to qualify, audit and monitor warehouses, blending facilities and storage locations.

Cole Chemical can also help you manage warehouse supplies in a secured, safe environment. In addition to physically housing the chemicals, we can perform a variety of related management services including:
  • Onsite quality audits
  • Supplier evaluations
  • Taking corrective actions with suppliers
  • Special reports for purchasing and plant personnel
  • Vendor managed inventory for up to a 90-day supply
  • Management of inbound freight and outbound logistics
  • Ensuring packaging and bar code requirements are met
  • Invoicing
  • Consulting on plant scheduling to reduce freight costs
  • Breaking up truckload shipments into smaller quantities
  • Quality documents sent with or in advance of shipments
  • Reduces lead time
  • Frees plant personnel from inventory, ordering, logistics, payment issues
  • Reduction in freight costs
  • Reduces product outages
  • Eliminates damaged goods handling
  • High product availability

“Cole Chemical is flexible. They find a way.
– Supply Manager

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