Success Story:

Cole Chemical helped Shell manage orders and invoices from dozens of suppliers with weekly onsite physical inventory and order management. Each month, we consolidated hundreds of invoices from those suppliers into one invoice that’s much easier to approve, pay and track. This saved Shell employees' time and helped ensure better relations with suppliers because invoices never got lost in Shell’s systems.

Billing Consolidation Billing consolidation

Service Description:
Cole Chemical validates and consolidates multiple invoices from multiple suppliers into one easily processed bill each month. We submit that invoice in an electronic format compatible with your billing system, whether it is SAP, Oracle, Ariba, or some other system.
  • Fewer invoices to process
  • Less manual intervention needed
  • Less exception processing
  • Faster invoice approval
  • Better expense tracking
  • Reduces complexity of billing process
“Cole consolidates an avalanche of invoices for us every month.
Now we only have to approve one

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