Success Story:

Cole Chemical saves time and improves communication.

Success Story: Chrysler

Chrysler and its suppliers had reporting conflicts between each other. These reports were difficult to compile and quickly became dated. Cole Chemical developed a secure Web site. Both Chrysler and its suppliers can now see the same information, updated in real time, anytime they want.

Cole Chemical managed all EDI transactions – from drivers picking up product to tracking orders, invoices, collections and taxes.


“Cole helped us improve
supply by
improving communication and reducing
IT Manager

Billing Management Billing Management

Service Description:
Large corporations increasingly find it difficult to do business with each other due to the inflexibility of their own massive systems. Cole Chemical can act as a bridge, managing orders, logistics, invoicing, EDI, collections and special reporting for both customers and suppliers. Cole Chemical provides two billing management services:

We can validate and consolidate multiple invoices from multiple suppliers into one easy-to-approve-and-process monthly bill.

We also ensure that you receive those bills in an electronic format compatible with your systems, and that you can review order histories, payment status, and shipments via a secure, password protected Web portal.

For startups, we can even provide complete back office systems and processing, saving young, cash-starved companies the cost of purchasing SAP or a comparable system.

  • Fewer invoices to process
  • Less manual intervention
  • Less exception processing
  • Faster invoice approval
  • Better expense tracking
  • Easier searches of order history
  • Easier to track and predict usage

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