Success Story:

Cole Chemical helped ConocoPhillips save $1.6 million over three years in employee costs, transportation costs, and contract (vs. spot) pricing.

Cole Chemical provided additives to ConocoPhillips on a bulk consignment basis into 43 terminals throughout North America.

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To avoid surprises, ConocoPhillips can see inventory levels daily via a secure Internet site

Cole Chemical manages the inventory, restocking as necessary. A monthly summary invoice consolidates all orders.

Cole Chemical removed inventory and financing costs from the customer’s books, simplified invoicing, and automatically handles reorders. We also reduced risk for the client.

Bulk Consignment

Service Description:
Normally, bulk chemicals are not sold on consignment. However, Cole Chemical will sell on consignment. We fill your tanks with our chemicals, monitor usage, and bill you at an agreed-upon interval for actual product used. We let you monitor actual usage via a secured Internet link.
  • Reduces inventory carrying costs
  • Improves cash flow
  • Improves supply visibility
  • Streamlines invoicing
  • Reduces supply chain risk
  • Consolidates invoicing
  • No need to take physical inventory
  • Reduces staff requirements


Cole goes is proactive and
easy to do business with
– Terminal Manager



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