Success Story:

For ConocoPhillips, we found a way to lower shipping costs for a fuel additive by $100,000 per year through improved logistics.

Cole Chemical consolidated shipments with consignment inventory to reduce costs and manage supply for ConocoPhillips.

A FTE payroll expense was reduced by $100k and the employee was redeployed to more important tasks. The purchasing invoice approval process was reduced from 3 hours to 30 minutes.



“Cole Chemical
went above
and beyond

others wouldn’t.
Supply Manager

Chemical Logistics Planning/Troubleshooting
Chemical Logistics Planning/Troubleshooting

Service Description:
Cole Chemical optimizes chemical logistics to meet your needs for quantity, cost, speed and/or quality. We investigate alternatives and set up repeatable processes while respecting the special handling requirements for shipping of materials often considered hazardous. In the end, you get reliable supplies at the lowest possible cost when you need them and without damage.
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Reliable supply
  • JIT shipments
  • Reduced warehousing costs
  • Compliance with foreign, local, state and national shipping requirements
SUCCESS STORY: Troubleshooting:  
Toyota operates an assembly plant in Mexico but needed U.S. quality fuel for the vehicles. When shipments were delayed at the border by Mexican customs, Toyota approached Cole Chemical because the fuel producer would not ship internationally, and knew of Cole Chemical's international shipment experience.

We located an experienced international carrier; investigated the quality and service of both the

carrier and the fuel; and helped the carrier obtain a special license to deliver fuel to Mexico.

To satisfy customs requirements, we sent auditors to lock and tag every opening in every truck and seal numbers added to bills of lading. Cole Chemical hired a third party to provide inspection reports to Mexican customs, freight forwarded and Toyota which reduced wait, inspection, and demurrage time at the border.

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