Success Story:

ExxonMobil made a huge export shipment of chemical intermediates which depleted their domestic supply out of a northeast terminal. To meet their obligations to other customers, ExxonMobil called Cole Chemical.

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Cole collected four million pounds of the product between Christmas and the New Year holiday from a variety of other sources. This enabled ExxonMobil to meet its obligations to other customers.

To avoid similar problems in the future, ExxonMobil asked Cole Chemical to find second sourcers for a list of 20 other products.

During shortages, Cole Chemical has been able to source material others were unable to find and fulfill customers in multiple industries in the US.

Emergency Sourcing

Service Description:
Even the most proactive companies encounter emergencies from time to time due to problems beyond anyone’s control. Hurricanes and accidents can cause supplier shutdowns that, in turn, put pressure on end-users around the world. During these unexpected emergencies, companies often count on Cole to use its worldwide network of suppliers to find alternate sources.
  • Cole Chemical’s extensive network
  • Business continuity during emergencies
  • Ability to avoid shutdowns
  • Ability to fulfill contracts
  • Maintains customer relationships
  • Proven track record


“Cole Chemical gave me the
best Christmas present ever.
– Product Manager



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