Success Story:

Due to Cole Chemical's supply history, quality, and responsiveness during emergencies, ExxonMobil has requested Cole Chemical's help to find quality suppliers for 20 of its raw materials

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After the recent outages caused by hurricanes, more companies are requesting Cole Chemical to provide a second source of supply to address their risk management plans.

Second Sourcing Second Sourcing

Service Description:
Cole Chemical uses its 30 years of global experience with hundreds of suppliers to help you find alternative sources for the products that keep your plant running. Multiple sources ensure competition among suppliers. Depending on your needs, the engagement can involve everything from identifying a list of qualified suppliers up to negotiating prices and even managing vendor relationships.
  • Supply assurance
  • Business continuity
  • Competitive pricing
  • M/WBE dollars



“Ike taught everyone a valuable lesson about
the need for alternatives sources.

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