Success Story:

Cole Chemical saved IBM $200,000 in the first two months of a contract by consolidating 300 IBM chemical suppliers at a campus-like facility. Chemicals from suppliers would arrive at the warehouse without proper purchase information which resulted in reorders, delays, and insurance hassles. Cole Chemical implemented standardized procedures resolving numerous shipping and invoicing issues.

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Cole Chemical managed all supplier relationships, received product at Cole Chemical's warehouse and identified the requisitioner to facilitate shipment within the complex campus.

  • Requisitioners received orders faster
  • All shipments properly labeled to eliminate delays in warehouse
  • Delivery lead time shortened by three weeks
  • Damaged goods reduced to zero
  • Hazardous material disposal issues eliminated
  • Vendors happier because of prompt payments, reduction in error handling

“Cole Chemical
the box

to save us money.
- Warehouse Manager

Supplier Management Supplier Management

Service Description:
Cole Chemical can manage fulfillment from your chemical suppliers. We make sure adequate supplies are maintained to meet production schedules. We do that by monitoring inventory, reviewing your production forecasts, reordering as necessary, inspecting shipments, and testing product quality. We also match purchase orders to packing slips, can present you with a consolidated invoice at the end of the month, and can pay your vendors electronically. If you desire, we can even negotiate prices for you.
  • Freedom from logistics issues
  • Reduction of supplier hassles
  • Fewer orders, bills, payments to process
  • Simplified back office operations
  • Ensures adequate supply
  • Ensures competitive prices
  • Faster response time on critical issues
  • Ensures product quality
  • Deploy employees to higher value jobs
  • Reduction of suppliers
  • Reduction of damaged goods
  • Product disposal reduction

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