Success Story:

For Chrysler, Cole Chemical reduced plant outages to zero by coordinating suppliers, jobbers, terminals, supplies and carriers at 25 plants, 24/7.

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Cole Chemical played the role of Supply Chain Captain for Chrysler for ten years. Cole coordinated supplies of 11 types of hydrocarbons at 25 locations in North America valued at more than $50 million. We arranged for deliveries in various forms of packaging ranging from bulk tank trucks to Less Than Truckload and drums.

This helped Chrysler totally eliminate plant outages. Both plant managers and buyers were freed from logistics headaches, back office billing issues, and supply chain worries. Cole Chemical ensured the right fuels arrived at the right places just before they were needed. We helped reduce inventory carrying costs, too. Cole also assisted suppliers with logistics, customer service, and billing issues to reduce other costs as well.

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-Global Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Coordination Supply Chain Coordination

Service Description:
Cole Chemical coordinates supplier(s), jobbers, terminals, plants, carriers, and even client personnel 24/7 to ensure smooth, efficient supply chain operation.
  For plant:
  • Consolidation of product and service suppliers
  • Enables JIT inventory scheduling
  • Reduces plant outages to zero
  • Single source of accountability
  • Knowledge base for employees
  • Optimizes production scheduling
  • Assists with new tank inspections
  • Proactive order checking
  • Easy access to data for receipting
  • Online real-time receipt information
For buyer:
  • Volumes monitored to meet commitments
  • Knowledge base for employees
  • Ability to focus on other tasks
  • Online real-time past due reporting by plant
  • Quality issues handled by Cole through ISO9001:2000 process
  • Freedom from daily logistics issues and communications
For Accounting:
  • Taxes
  • Systems knowledge of easy access to data
  • Customized online reports
  • Timely and correct EDI and ASN
For Management:
  • Reduction in costs
  • No safety concerns or issues
  • Risk reduction
  • High service return for commodity products
To supplier:
  • Timely payments
  • No need to implement special EDI platform or software
  • No need to adapt or modify systems to meet customer needs
  • Tax reporting supplied by location and application
  • Past due invoices with plants resolved
  • Standardized orders for multiple shipment criteria
  • Online real-time reporting, order, invoice, payment, volumes
  • Handle collections and disputes
  • M/WBE spend reporting


“We highly value Cole Chemicals services and abilities
to get us paid on-time
– Product Sales Manager

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