Success Story:
Cole Chemical has helped reduce ConocoPhillips’:
  • Transportation costs by five cents per pound
  • Requisition time by 50 percent
  • Invoice approval time from three days to one hour
We put web-based tools in place to:
  • Monitor inventories on a daily basis
  • Streamline the placement and tracking of orders
  • Calculate monthly usage
  • Maintain historical transactions

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These tools also saved ConocoPhillips the cost of one employee who was redeployed to a higher value job. We’re also saving ConocoPhillips more than $100,000 per year in transportation costs.

Annually, Cole Chemical processes millions of pounds of orders at 43 ConocoPhillips facilities in various parts of the country.

Vendor Managed Inventory Vendor Managed Inventory

Service Description:
Cole Chemical assumes responsibility for tracking usage, managing inventory, ensuring supply, and processing payments for one or more key chemicals throughout your enterprise at multiple locations. Using Web-based order tracking and inventory management tools, we:
  • Monitor usage
  • Place orders
  • Consolidate shipments
  • Manage transportation costs
  • Prepare monthly summary billing by location
  • Submit invoices for approvals in a format that streamlines your billing
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs
  • Reduced requisitioning time
  • Reduced time for invoice approval
  • Reduced time for scheduling and ordering
  • Improved visibility of inventory and costs
  • Creates cost transparency
  • Special reports
“Cole Chemical provides ConocoPhillips with excellent service
that drives bottom-line savings.
Director, Supplier Diversity

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